A day in a woman’s shoes… and in the company of her bag!

Thursday morning, 6 o’clock. The alarm clock goes off and I get up right away. It is going to be a long day, I think to myself.

The basics of a bag according to women

OK, let’s see what I must do today and what I am going to need.
First, I must drive my son to school. The teacher has requested the kids to bring an object to create a story about it. Good, I’ll put the tortoise soft toy into my bag. And the cough syrup bottle; he must take it about midmorning.

Soon afterwards, I must rush to the metro. Better if I leave the car at the parking lot and I walk to the metro station. But it’s raining so, better if I take a foldable umbrella. I put it into my bag.

Once out of the metro, I will have to walk 800 metres to reach the court. Better to avoid walking in high heels. I will shove the shoes into my bag and will wear sneakers instead.

My bag is about to burst

The workbag is not sufficient

For this morning hearing at court I have prepared already all the files I need. I will put them into my briefcase together with the notebook, a paper notepad and some business cards.

After the hearing, there’s the business lunch with the new clients. I must take the metro again, collect my car and drive to the opposite side of the city. I won’t have much time. Better to take a pack of wet wipes and a pouch with hair brush and cosmetics. Better to take a hand cream, too; it’s cold after all. And some extra hankies, you never know. And mints, which help me keep anxiety under control before the hearing. And a bottle of water, and some almonds in case of an energy drop.

My wallet is in the bag already, my diary too and my glasses too.

My bag is about to burst…

Besides work

After lunch I have to go to the office, leave the files of today’s hearing and take those for tomorrow. And at 6 pm there’s the cocktail with the girls. I was about to forget! I must put in my bag the present for Paula’s birthday.

Well, I am ready to leave home. I am holding my bag. I shove into it 2 smartphones, home keys, office keys and car keys.

My bag is about to burst

Two bags, how heavy!

I snatch my briefcase and in some way I take my son by the hand.

How heavy all this stuff is, I think to myself. And I will have to drag for the whole day a bag that is about to burst and a briefcase. And all this just because I would not know where else to put all the files and the stuff that I am forced to take with me. No doubt: men have an easier life. So, either I will be reborn a man, or I will need someone to devise a bag for women that are busy with numberless tasks (which means, all women!).

The ideal bag would be one where a woman with a family, a job and various other commitments can store everything, from essentials to occasional items, besides documents and PC. And, if such bag was even pretty, elegant, feminine and strong I am sure that it would soon turn into a true life companion. Well, I would love to have a bag so versatile to be able to use it always; to take my son to school but also to go to work, to a formal business lunch or to an informal cocktail with friends, without having to carry an extra workbag, invariably with masculine design, on top of it!

In fact, I would like to have a bag that is suited to any time and place. A bag so perfect that you can’t do without it.

Who knows, maybe someone someday will invent it…

My dearest, did you recognise yourself in this story? This is how a day of my friend lawyer-wife-mum looks like.

I told her that the perfect bag for everyday life exists and I showed her my Valier…

Gunilla V.