My dearest friends, have you ever asked a man to search for something inside your bag? It’s extraordinary how he will foursquare refuse to do it and will pass you the bag as if he was handling dynamite!
Yes, I know, we all find it slightly absurd but, after all, it is understandable: a woman’s bag is her world, her home, with all the secrets and mysteries that men imagine are hiding there.
My Valier tote bag is no exception. As a true life companion, it supports me everywhere I go and it is always ready for any circumstance. It’s a bag that accompanies me AM to PM and that I load with everything I will need during the day, I may need and I may not need, except under exceptional circumstances.


Among the variety of objects I can pull out of my Valier tote bag there are: wallet, ID card and driving licence, a wide range of keys, red lipstick (remember my dear friends: it’s forbidden to leave home without a lipstick in the bag), face powder, blush, mobile phone, tiny paper notebook, classy fountain pen, pink highlighter, pair of new tights (I’m horrified at the thought of tights with a ladder), a book, a bottle of water (an aluminium or glass, eco-friendly, one), a packet of almonds, mints, headache pills, wet wipes, a comb, hands sanitiser, a rain hat, a battery charger, headphones, handkerchiefs and sunglasses. Besides work papers and the items I may buy during the day, of course.

As I said, my Valier tote bag supports me at all times, even under exceptional circumstances. And it’s widely known: exceptional circumstances are always around the corner.“.


Just think that one day I was having a drink at the end of my work day when I met a friend I had not seen for some time. He invited me for dinner at home with some other friends. I accepted with pleasure.
Yet, there was no time to go and buy something like sweets or flowers for his wife; hence, against my will and good intentions, I reached their home empty-handed. I reassured myself thinking that, after all, it was an informal, last-minute invitation.

You can imagine my total dismay when I realised it was my friend’s birthday party. I wished I could evaporate instantly.”.

At supersonic thinking speed, I started to review the last few days and the content of my Valier tote bag. Where had I been? What did I do? Did I buy something?
Retracing in few seconds the content of my bag was impossible: my Valier tote can go as far as to contain the unimaginable.
I had to conduct an exploration. I asked the lady of the house where I could retouch my makeup and, once in the washroom, I emptied my bag.
And you know what? I pulled out a mint new novel that I had bought a week earlier and always forgot to remove from my bag! It was still in the bookshop’s bag.
With a swift move I pulled my Greta Garbo fountain pen – with black ink – out of the bag, I erased the book price, I wrote an inscription, I placed the book back into the shop’s bag and, triumphantly, I left the washroom with the perfect gift in hand.
Happy birthday, my dear! Unfortunately, the bookshop did not provide a gift-wrap…
Not only was my friend surprised that I had a present for his birthday, but he even told me it was a new novel he was planning to read!

How classy…

                      … my Valier tote bag

We’ll be in touch soon

Gunilla V.