We do hope you are happy with your purchase. Yet, if for any reason you are not, you can ask for a refund within 14 working days of receiving the goods.

To ask for a return and refund, please send an email request to customercare@valiervenetia.com.

We will send you a confirmation and a label to be applied on the parcel to return.

The parcel will have to be given to the courier within 14 working days of the date when you applied for the return and refund.

Withdrawal terms

The right of withdrawal is subject to these terms:

  1. The request for a return and refund must be sent by email to customercare@valiervenetia.com within fourteen (14) days of the delivery date.
  2. The products must not have been used, worn or damaged
  3. The products must be returned in their original package, together with any attached accessories (dust bag, tag, box)
  4. The products must be shipped from the country from where they were ordered
  5. Returned products must be handed to the courier within fourteen (14) days of the date the return is accepted and confirmed

If all the terms above are complied with, we will refund the amount paid, excluding shipping costs. If your return does not comply with all the terms above and is not acceptable, we will contact you. You will be given the option to get back the purchased products at your expenses. In case you reject this option, we will have the right to retain the products and the relating amount.

Shipping a return

Returns can be shipped with our courier, using the pre-printed label supplied by us. This method will allow us to pay the shipping on your behalf; we will then retain from the refund the amount paid for the original shipping. In case you decide to use a different courier, you will have to pay for the return and will be responsible for any loss or damage during transportation.


After receiving your return and checking that all terms have been complied with, we will send you an email confirming the acceptance of the return; then, within one week the refund will be transferred to your bank account.