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Mid-blue Valier bag

The mid-blue bag is designed for women who do love colours but prefer to wear discreet ones. The mid-blue Valier bag perfectly matches black, brown, grey, navy blue and white. It gives them a touch of originality.


750,00 €

shipping included

€750,00 shipping included

We like to reassure our customers that behind a Valier bag there is us; that’s why we prefer the direct contact to the online purchase. We can answer your questions, we provide shipping details and are there if you have any doubts.

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The Colour

Blue is the colour of trust; it inspires trust, integrity and responsibility. Sincerity and honesty are linked to this colour. Blue conveys calmness and responsibility.


Dimensions: length 18” – height 11.8” x width 6.70”
Weight: 2.75 pounds

  • Real drummed leather
  • Purple cotton lining
  • Three large compartments
  • Four inner pockets
  • An inner pen holder
  • Handles with double layer of stitched leather
  • Closure with invisible magnets
  • Rose-gold-coloured logo pendant
  • Outer slit pocket
  • String keyring

Additional information

Exclusive colours

The Valier tote is available in purple, white, black, red, mid blue and pale rose. We selected colours that can be worn all year round.

750,00 €

shipping included

€750,00 shipping included