Gunilla is, in the first place, an aesthete and a perfectionist.

She pursues beauty in all its expressions and has a true obsession for details. She is constantly on a hunt for finely crafted clothes and accessories; she loves hats, turbans, fans and eyeglasses.
With her high heels well hammered in the study of Fine Arts, she can also boast a diploma in professional make-up art.
Gunilla adores being in the company of elegant and sly high-class pets and also loves indulging herself with a reflexive break at Caffè Florian on Piazza San Marco in Venice or in London’s sumptuous historic tea rooms.

Tired of the rampant brand-mania affecting the fashion world, with flashy goldbricks paraded around like trophies, Gunilla believes that sobriety is the future and the quintessence of taste: less whipped cream, more quality and value. Enough with passing fashions and short-lived hip binges; it is time for long-lasting style.

Gunilla’s clear-headed creativity has given birth to the Valier tote bag, so sober that it can match an eccentric style but also, of course, essential lines.

Gunilla Valier

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Gunilla adores meeting her beloved friends on Instagram. You can follow her on @valiervenetia!